TIME Tested, TIME Approved & Ready for Anything

Like you, I have a great group of friends that love to hang out. We do typical guy things, and find any excuse to both watch and participate in a lot of sports related activities. Yes, you can definitely find me yelling at the TV during football and basketball seasons. But, as I have gotten older and reflected more on how far I’ve come in life, armchair coaching has lost a lot of its appeal. In all truth, I’ve looked for quieter, more fulfilling meaning to fill the hours of the day. That doesn’t mean I’m ready to sell my TV, cancel my subscription to cable and go granola; I’ve just adjusted some of priorities to include more of what brings my personal satisfaction at the end of the day.

image: flickr.com/photos/bike

image: flickr.com/photos/bike

I’ve been an avid amateur cyclist for most of my life, and find this is where I can rid myself of many of the headaches, stresses, frustrations and all-around out-of-my-control feelings. Sometimes it doesn’t matter where I go, or for how long, the freedom of doing what I want, pushing my body to be better and getting away from everything helps to make everything else bearable. (I can almost hear my wife looking at me now with that, “Are you kidding me?” look.)

As part of making sure when I go out riding that all I can influence has been taken care of, I have found a bike that performs a step or two above others and provides a machine that helps me accomplish more. Through some trial and error processes, I’ve seen what a difference a TIME bike has done for me.

TIME Fluidity - timesportusa.com

TIME Fluidity – timesportusa.com

There are two major factors that have led me to invest in two TIME frames: the Fluidity for my long rides and the Izon for taking the switchback roads. And for those of you that don’t think there is a difference in the performance of a well-designed frame, I can attest to the fact that my time, especially on mountainous roads, is significantly better on my Izon, than when I’ve used my Fluidity. The same can also be said for the feel of the ride on long, open roads when it comes to the subtle difference that makes the Fluidity slightly nicer. You may be skeptical, but I wouldn’t mock until you’ve put it to the test for yourself.

The bicycle is the most civilized conveyance known to man. Other forms of transport grow daily more nightmarish. Only the bicycle remains pure in heart. Iris Murdoch (author – “The Red and the Green”)

Taking a step back, let me explain why I decided on a TIME bike instead of one of the many other brands out there. It was a friend of mine who lent me his Fluidity while on a vacation together. He kept bragging that he would get me to switch by the end of the vacation. I resisted because I thought I had something that was more than sufficient, and I wasn’t in the market for a new bike. The first thing I noticed was the difference in the amount of vibration that translated from the road to my arms; it was noticeably less than I had been used to. However, I passed this off as roads seemed better in Colorado. This lack of attribution ended up costing me another two years before I had a second chance to try it out.



I had been out on a ride and tragically was sideswiped by a passing car. The tumble cost me six weeks in a cast for a broken wrist and the bike. Once out of a cast, I was doing anything I could to get back on the road. I tried a few different bikes, even bought two that had come highly recommended by bike dealers. Within a few weeks, I was noticing that my wrist wasn’t holding up as well as I had anticipated.


TIME AKTIV forks – timesportusa.com

By happen-chance, I ended up attending the wedding of this friend who had introduced me to his TIME bike. He didn’t know anything about my accident but saw that I was wearing a wrist guard, so I explained what was going on. He lent me his Fluidity once again. There was a considerable difference between the two rides; my wrist wasn’t soar and achy at the end of 40 mile ride. This time around, I didn’t discount the roads, but took the time to do some research and began to understand the poignant technology difference with TIME’s AKTIV fork system. It is specifically designed to dampen the effects of low-frequency vibrations. The change was compelling enough to have me donate my other bikes and purchase my own Fluidity.

image: flickr.com/photos/bastique

image: flickr.com/photos/bastique

Within a couple of months, I was no longer using the wrist brace, and was riding more regularly. Though I don’t recommend breaking bones or ruining a perfectly good bike to justify buying a TIME, but I would recommend making the change before investing in any other frame. I don’t state this lightly, due to the fact that people are always looking for advice and are willing to follow endorsements. Do your own homework, and test-drives to find what is best for you; I’ve found what works for me on a number of levels.